Nutrition and Fitness

I have had issues with my size my entire life. I have always been the shortest in my family, but since birth, I had always been my mom’s largest natural delivery baby with a sizeable weight of 8lbs6oz. Since the early 80’s and some pretty traumatic life experiences, I turned to food for solace and comfort. I had become a compulsive eater, and in turn caused many health issues for myself.

When I was done with the binging part of my life, had gotten into junior high school and high school, I felt even more insecure about who I was. I didn’t love myself, and took it out on my body. I just wanted to shed the pounds, get into a smaller size for my very petite frame, and just be happy…because I thought my happiness depended upon my physical appearance rather than my internal health and emotional well being.

It has been a long road. I have tried so many different weight loss programs, techniques, magic pills; I was even put on prescription weight loss medication and given a good meal plan to follow. At that last point, I was a heavy duty gym rat, going 6-7 days a week and committing 3-4 hours at a time there each day. Yet, I saw no results.

Because I had underlying health issues as a result of how poorly I treated my body. Once I had a better understanding of my health issues and how to combat them, I did my research. I then began taking #Herbalife products and immediately noticed a difference. I wasn’t able to go to the gym anymore, so I was doing workouts from home and about 2 miles of walking every day or so.

Inches and pounds were falling off. My energy was through the roof. My family noticed I was a happier person to be around. I was beginning to love myself again. And most importantly, thanked God for putting me down that path.

My goal of this page of my blog will be to encourage others in their fitness and health & well being journey. I strongly recommend having an accountability partner. If you don’t have one, allow me to be it! 😀 I will also be going over my fitness goals and exercises for at home and low-impact routines.

I have now been taking and distributing Herbalife since Leap Year Day, February 29, 2012. If you’re interested in the customizable programs available, you can comment here, or take a look at my site and I can point you in the right direction.

Until then, be blessed!

~ J

❤ ❤ ❤