Decorating with recycled and reusing materials

I live with my family in a 1932 Colonial in a quite town (it’s a city, but  a smaller one) in Western Massachusetts, USA. I have always loved older and historic homes because of the character and beauty contained within and on the exterior of the walls. It has been my goal to bring residences to their natural and era beauty, while keeping modern convenieces.

This page of the blog will be devoted to any decorating I do and the reusing/recycling of materials from around the house or I no longer have need for with its intended purpose. It is also about living simpler and being content with living minimally and below our means.

I hope you find beauty in what I do here. There will be some posts where I will have before, during, and completed pictures, and some will have updated after pics, depending on how the feel of the room strikes me.

I also hope to be able to offer ideas and suggestions to others with ways in which they can help to minimize and declutter their living spaces, and in turn, their lives.

Until then, be blessed!

~  J

❤ ❤ ❤