Be Mature: Week 1

This week’s content is very minimal. It’s just a matter of reading the foreword and the author’s note. 

The Big Idea: An Introduction to Be Mature

I will through in my main draw and a couple of the author’s quotes that spoke to me. Remember, each person can pull something different from the same thing, so it would be beneficial to read for yourself.

I love how Ken Baugh was so descriptive when he was comparing God and His work on us to that of a construction worker. It really makes God so He’s more reachable to us, and allows us to be more understanding in how the different events in our lives, how we respond to them, all are part of our process to becoming that who He has in mind for us when we were created.

“The spiritually maturing person takes responsibility to read and follow these commands themselves…you need to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth.” p.12

“Drink deeply, my friend, of the truths of God’s Word, for in them you will find Jesus Christ, and there is freedom, peace, assurance, and joy.” p.13

Ken Baugh is the Pastor of Coast Hills Community Church over in Aliso Viejo, California

A Word From The Author

Pastor Wiersbe was exceptionally brief in his word, but it doesn’t make it any less powerful. He speaks of the need for Christians to grow up. He states this reason is why the Epistle of James is so important for each of us on our walks. To help us not only grow in our spiritual maturity, but to grow in the understanding as well.

Next week, Week 2, we will discuss  Chapter 1: Time to Grow Up (James 1:1)

Until then, Be Blessed!

~ J

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Book One : Intro and Syllabus

Be Mature: Growing Up In Christ by Warren W. Wiersbe is the first book I’ve chosen to begin my review / blog book club because it truly is a wonderful book.

I believe it is necessary to always encourage one another and help one another to increase our spiritual maturity. This book is based off the teachings of James and how we are able to apply them to our everyday lives.

This book has a foreward written by Ken Baugh, a word from the author, followed by  13 chapters. The average chapter is between 11-15 pages in length, but go over in detail solid key points which should be pulled from the chapter and allow understanding in how to apply them in daily modern living. Because of this, I have decided to do one chapter per week, allowing this review to be broken down over 15 weeks. This is including both the introduction and auto-biography to begin with and closing out with final thoughts and what was grasped most from the book.

Be Mature: Growing Up In Christ

Week 1: Introduction and word from Pastor Wiersbe

He is patient in testing…

Week 2: Chapter 1: Time to Grow Up (James 1:1)

Week 3: Chapter 2: Turning Trials into Triumphs (James 1:2-12)

Week 4: Chapter 3: How to Hndle Temptation (James 1:13-18)

Week 5: Chapter 4: Quit Kidding Yourself (James 1:19-27)

He pratices the truth…

Week 6: Chapter 5: Rich Man, Poor Man (James 2:1-13)

Week 7: Chapter 6: False Faith (James 2:14-26)

He has power over his tongue…

Week 8: Chapter 7: The World’s Smallest but Largest Troublemaker (James 3:1-12)

Week 9: Chapter 8: Where to Get Wisdom (James 3:13-18)

He is a  peacemaker, not troublemaker…

Week 10: Chapter 9: How to End Wars (James 4:1-12)

Week 11: Chapter 10: Plan Ahead (James 4:13-17)

He is prayerful in troubles…

Week 12: Chapter 11: Money Talks (James 5:1-6)

Week 13: Chapter 12: The Power of Patience (James 5:7-12)

Week 14: Chapter 13: Let Us Pray (James 5:13-20)

Finishing Up

Week 15: Closing thoughts, what was biggest grab from the book.

There will then be a two week break to plan out the syllabus for the next book.

Until then, Be Blessed!

~ J

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Book Club / Review

I have decided there isn’t as much reading in the world, with physical or virtual books, and this makes me sad. It also disheartens me the amount of books I have, both spiritual and fiction, I haven’t even read half of them.

This will be the section for my current book and the review I’ll be doing on it. My goal is 1-2 chapters a week, but it also depends upon the size of the chapters as I really want to get as much meat out of it as I can.

You are more than welcome to join with me on both the reading and the review. I plan to have a syllabus of which books I plan to read and the order in which I plan to do so.

I believe it would be wonderful for you to accompany me on this journey.

There will be a syllabus so all who would like to participate will be able to do so on their own. There will then be a time to discuss what we’ve read and absorbed, and, if applicable, along with how we can, or are currently, applying the teachings in our lives. There will also be a section where questions will be discussed.

The theme as discussed above is the beginning template for how reviews will work unless the need to be tweaked arises. I would appreciate any thoughts and constructive comments to allow for this site to improve.

I do thank you in advance, and until then, be blessed!

~ J

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