Living Life to the Fullest is taking the first hand account of Mother of 2 teens at home and an early twenty-something on his own. I love Jesus, but don’t follow His teachings nearly half as well as I should. Throughout the pages of this blog, you will get to know me and my struggles, both with having strength in my faith, my morals & beliefs, my health, and my family, which I invite you to join in my journey.

Who I am? I’m one of His children, blessed by each and every situation and circumstance that is in The Plan for my life. I  am 40 years old with three children. My oldest, SA (nickname as I don’t have his permission), will be turning 22 this Autumn, 2016. He is a wonderfully intelligent, absolutely amazing, young man who God has blessed me beyond words with by allowing me to be his mother, though it wasn’t without the loss of his twin.

My daughter, Jessica, turned 16 this winter past. She is mischievously astounding as she seems to be able to find some form of loophole in anything. She has her own unique sense of humor and vocabulary, though in all honesty, I am hoping it cleans up sooner rather than later.

William is my second and last prince who is such a blessing, even with a similar loss of his twin as his brother, SA. His sense of humor is one which few will understand, and is one of the most compassionate children I have ever met. He was home with me when I first began having symptoms ultimately leading to my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

While I’m normally a fairly private person, my insides scream out extrovert, inviting others in. With that being said, and only with permission of those directly involved, I extend a welcome invitation to you, my reader, to a very private section of my life, the life of my family. It is a bit crazy as we are in a unique living situation, but it feels right, not just good (one of the ways I know it’s Spirit-led and in response to prayers, and not led by the flesh).

Because I don’t want to single anyone out, as my belief system is a non-denominational, Bible-reading, Christian woman, I have the different topics of my  life separated by their own pages allowing each individual to peruse to what interests them. However, I would like to state that one can truly be 100% certain how they feel any one way about any thing without having given ample time for research and prayer.

My journey, which I am more than happy to invite you to join me in, includes not only my family and faith, but also my health, fitness & nutrition, reviews on books I find mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually fulfilling, discussions about the weekly sermon, as well as frugal living and design ideas. It is my desire to not only have a sounding board, but even more so, to be able to share my experiences with others in hopes it may give them comfort and solace or ideas to help in their lives. I am in absolutely no way saying how I do things is exact, but being Type-A personality, I keep trying until I find the best possible way in doing things.

I thank you for taking the time to read and welcome any thoughts, comments, or suggestions.

Until then, Be Blessed!

~ J

❤ ❤ ❤


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