Be Mature: Week 1

This week’s content is very minimal. It’s just a matter of reading the foreword and the author’s note. 

The Big Idea: An Introduction to Be Mature

I will through in my main draw and a couple of the author’s quotes that spoke to me. Remember, each person can pull something different from the same thing, so it would be beneficial to read for yourself.

I love how Ken Baugh was so descriptive when he was comparing God and His work on us to that of a construction worker. It really makes God so He’s more reachable to us, and allows us to be more understanding in how the different events in our lives, how we respond to them, all are part of our process to becoming that who He has in mind for us when we were created.

“The spiritually maturing person takes responsibility to read and follow these commands themselves…you need to take responsibility for your own spiritual growth.” p.12

“Drink deeply, my friend, of the truths of God’s Word, for in them you will find Jesus Christ, and there is freedom, peace, assurance, and joy.” p.13

Ken Baugh is the Pastor of Coast Hills Community Church over in Aliso Viejo, California

A Word From The Author

Pastor Wiersbe was exceptionally brief in his word, but it doesn’t make it any less powerful. He speaks of the need for Christians to grow up. He states this reason is why the Epistle of James is so important for each of us on our walks. To help us not only grow in our spiritual maturity, but to grow in the understanding as well.

Next week, Week 2, we will discuss  Chapter 1: Time to Grow Up (James 1:1)

Until then, Be Blessed!

~ J

❤ ❤ ❤


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