“You Asked For It” Series Week 1

To begin, let me let you know about my home church, New Day Church. We are currently a portable church renting facilities at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame located in Springfield, Mass. We have a lead Pastor, Mike Sorcinelli, an Associate Pastor, Andrew Charko, as well as other people who are devoting their lives to Christ within the church. We have a live worship team, production team (which I lovingly refer to as the AV club of the church), ministry team, and family and children ministry whose director is Tracey Jarvis. The family and children ministry allows for infants up to tweens the opportunity to take in God’s word in practical and age-appropriate classrooms.

Now, on to this week’s series…

The topic of this particular series is based on the top questions received by my church’s pastoral staff earlier in the spring. Each week in the series goes over one of the most popular questions received.

This week (September 4, 2016) we went over “How to Move from Doubt to Faith”. This is a fantastic question and one many either are too afraid to ask, or just think it’s not possible. My friends, Let me tell you, little is further from the truth!

This particular sermon was wonderful because every so often, even as a seasoned Christian, I can sometimes feel doubtful about situations. Even just having that small lack of faith leaves enough of an opening for Satan to get into our heads and allows him the permission to begin feeding on our feelings of insecurity. In the past, each time I have let my guard down, even just  a little, I can just hear him telling me all kinds of lies, the type of lies only he could understand exactly which of my faults or feelings of insecurity he could use against me to make me feel useless and then have such a feeling a hopelessness.

But I don’t have to believe his lies. In fact, I don’t even have to allow them. It is imperative for to become more solid in our understanding of the scriptures of God’s truth, and then, each time satan tries to convince how we’re anything less than God’s children, whom He loves fully and unconditionally, we can throw God’s Truth and Promises back at the devil to let him know exactly how much we don’t believe him. That as long as we’re familiar with His Truth found within His word, we can replace any unbiblical expectations and deeds behind us.

Fix our eyes on Jesus and personally investigate all that is found within the Bible and what we’re told that goes against it. By doing this, it allows ground for us to stand on. By further researching, gaining godly and Biblical counsel, and having quiet prayer time with Him daily, it allows us to grow stronger in our faith. And when we’re doing all of this, it is much easier, over time, to look at ourselves through His eyes. We will learn how we are all created in His image, and therefore are nothing but positives.

I have been working on putting this into my practical daily life by beginning my morning by feasting on the Lord’s truth followed by other devotions, prayer with thanks giving, and reminding myself throughout the day how sneaky satan is. Sneaky and slithery just as the snake he was in the Garden of Eden. When times become hard, I reach out to Him for strength. I write down my prayers, and then when they’re answered, whether in the way I would have liked or not, I go back to that prayer, write down how it was answered, and the date it was answered. Sometimes it isn’t wholly answered at once, but in steps, and that’s okay, too.

We all need to start somewhere, and steps, whether small or large, will help us to get where we want to go. For everlasting life, it is imperative, regardless of the size of steps we take, to have our blinders on and keep on the path to Him. The steps could start as small as reading your Bible for even 10 minutes a day. If you want more, and to be able to read the Bible in a year, it is often suggested to read 4 chapters in a day. Personally I have a 365 day Bible reading plan that I use on my phone’s YouVersion Bible App.

I would like to personally invite you to church. Our services are held on Sunday’s, as I said above, at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. The service times are 9, 10:30, and 12 noon. There is ample parking and we have plenty of seating. Our first two service times are held both in the theater downstairs (across from the box office), and upstairs in the loft, tweens Spark program is held across the hall in the conference room during second service. We have children services for all 3 times, but tween services are only during the 10:30am service time.

To watch or listen to this week’s sermon, and to print off the notes which come for each sermon, you can get them here.

To take a look at the Bible app I use, which can be downloaded as an app on your phone or tablet, or can be viewed right on the website. They also have an app for the kids!

Thank you for reading and watching/listening. I hope you gained as much from the service as I have. Also, please note, I did not go into my full notes from the sermon, because I would like each of you to gather your own thoughts. ❤

Until next time. Be Blessed!

~ J

❤ ❤ ❤


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