Beyond the Excuses to Results


Ugh. Excuses. Everyone has them, though not all use them.

get out of jail

Those lovely little statements, excuses, are used like the “Get out of Jail Free” cards from Monopoly. It’s as though we have become a society that is fearful of confrontation and telling a person, or persons, what they want to hear because of that fear. Then, later, they think about it, regret the decision, and then hand out the excuse of why they are unable to do whatever.

Junk-food-vs-healthy-food It’s especially true with nutrition and fitness. In the past year I have used many excuses. Some of the excuses were:

  • I have a head injury.
  • I have zero energy today.
  • It’s laundry day.
  • Too many appointments.
  • Early and late day.
  • Sore muscles/body aches.
  • Only poor food choices available.


So those wonderful excuses caused me to not just make some of them worse, but I was gaining additional weight…seriously. This was beyond maddening! I was at my lowest in 2013-2014 at 102 pounds and have since gained not only 20 pounds after surgery last year, but being on the prescriptions and being at home, and feeling sorry for myself, I gained an additional 20 pounds.


This put me back at my original, before Herbalife, weight, though thankfully, still able to fit in a size 6, though pants/jeans are a bit more tight than they were previously, but being at home I could get away with wearing my pajamas all day. Even after showering, I would either put on new jammies or leggings. On the rare nice day out where I had clean shaven legs, I have been fortunate enough to have many skirts, which thankfully have been able to accomodate my waistline without having elastic in the skirts.


About 3 weeks ago now, I think, I decided I was done with those wonderful excuses. The only way I was going to begin feeling better, despite the medications, was by at least beginning. I only had to take the first steps. Thinking about it wasn’t enough. I had to seriously and truly want it.


So I made a plan. My plan was to take a look at both my nutrition and fitness and see where I could improve in those areas.


So, I began by paying better attention to my caloric intake while also adding simple movements. I began taking in more protein and less carbs. 3-4 days a week I was increasing those simple movements to actual cardio and self-weight exercises in the form of different types of squats, stairs, leg lifts, planks, and different crunch modifications.


And I’m noticing a difference, as are others. Inches are disappearing, though, I, of course, had forgotten to take measurements at the start of this new journey. Which is a shame, because I’m actually beginning to see the starts of my old abs.


Truly, I had to get out of my own head and have some one on one time with my Heavenly Father to ask Him for strength. I had become too accustomed to all the tasty, quick, yet unhealthy foods and snacks and needed to detox from all of the junk. Detoxing from certain food substances is harder than one may think.


The amount of healthy foods, that are also tasty and can be found right at your local farmer’s market, to help with detoxing is amazing. It’s helpful to be able to know which things are best to take to detox which body part, but also to see there are some things which help with different parts.


I have been getting help though, not just from God. I am also using MyFitnessPal and have it linked up with my mapmyfitness. This has been a help to me, especially with the different challenges they offer to keep me motivated. The pic above is of the mapmyfitness app, which, as you can see, is pretty cool with what it offers.


I actually would really love to have one of those smart watches which also record vitals, # of steps, calories burned, etc. I don’t always have my phone on me, so to use it as a pedometer would be difficult, along with it being a battery vampire. I have looked at some of them, and it amazes me the amount of different functions they can do! The way I look at it, the more it can do, the more which can be broken.


In the meantime though, it’s a matter of being consistent with what I am doing and slowly, but continuously, adding more reps, sets, and weights. By finding new and different recipes or meal plans to keep my nutrition on track. Had I not taken the first, scary, step after the initial decision to change the way things were, I wouldn’t have my current results of the past 3 weeks equating to approx 1lb per week. My goal is 1-1.5 lbs per week, so I’m fairly close to on target. 😀


My goal this time around is to really detox my body of the things I crave but aren’t good for it.

It has been difficult at times to remain motivated to exercise, but again, already seeing the small results I have, is motivation enough to keep going. Sometimes my health kicks me down, and there are times when I’d love to just roll over and say I’ll get to it later, knowing later doesn’t usually come.


I’d like to share with you, my reader, some of the exercises I have been able to do with little pain and/or difficulty, but with maximum results. Again. I don’t do just the exercise alone. I believe getting fit begins in the kitchen with key nutrition. Doing one without the other may work, but the results won’t be received as quickly as one would like.

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You are so special and so loved! I want you to know, understand, and believe this. Once you realize who you are in Christ, you have a newfound love and acceptance of yourself. Not just the you the world sees, but the you He sees.

I truly hope to hear from you and where you’re at on your journey. I’d like to share in your struggles and accomplishments, no matter how big or small. I believe in you! I believe in all you can accomplish and all you can overcome.

You’re Loved.




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