Individuality, Anxiety, Reality

Some friends came over recently. Friends I hadn’t seen in quite some time, so it was nice to see them and how well they’re doing. We had many laughs and it was a good time. But do you ever get the feeling sometimes people have anything to do with you more out of convenience for them, rather than one of mutual benefit? That feeling began to overtake me some time after their arrival, and I tried to shake it off, but it continued to come back regularly through the night.

Perhaps it’s just my newly diagnosed anxiety, but I don’t think so. We have an instinctual feeling of fight or flight when we get into situations that cause us distress, and this instinct sometimes means as it’s called. Other times, instead of fighting or fleeing, we take to withdrawing within ourselves and hope and pray we won’t stay hidden so long we lose our way.

I find the withdrawing can sometimes lead to a very peaceful and relaxing state of being. One where I don’t worry about what others think of me, or how I look, speak, act, or behave. This state of being is so amazing, so calm, so quiet.

This allows me time. Time to be with Him. To be in the knowledge He created me in His image and the only opinions or thoughts of me I should allow to bother me are His. How He views me is the only thing which should concern me.

But when reality is the only option, and you can hear the whisperings, the glances, the giggles, it hurts. What’s even more sad is knowing it shouldn’t matter if those whispers, glances, or giggles are about me. Truly the only human opinion of oneself should be their own.

It’s unfortunate though, most have such low opinions of themselves because they don’t recognize who they are in God’s eyes; mostly because they hadn’t been shown at all, if ever.

There is so much out in the material world that continues to tell us we’re not enough. We’re not intelligent enough, not tall enough, short enough, gorgeous enough, thin enough, strong enough, witty enough…there are just too many adjectives out there society is telling us we’re not enough of.

But Christ. He tells us we’re more than enough. We’re more than we could begin to imagine. More than what meets the eye. We are Him. Deep within, He has planted a bit of Himself to give us traits of Him that are perfect for us and are all part of our path in life.

We each experience different things in life because we are all unique. Because we needed those experiences to mold us into who we are, how we will be able to help others, and to prepare us for the future. We have zero right to judge others in any way. Because of our individuality and the uniqueness of our lives, we can only imagine what others are going through.

But even then, what are the chances we’re even close to being partly correct?


Be Kind to All – you never know who is in the midst of a battle.



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