The little things

I truly love days like today. The humidity is down, the temps are comfortable, and there’s nice breezes that pass through the windows on the 3 season porch, which is where I’m sitting and just being in the remaining minutes of the day.

I had a doctor’s appointment again this morning, though this time was about this horrible cough I’ve had for quite some time. I think since around the time of the first prescriptions I was put on recently. I was sent down for a chest x-ray. It may sound odd or whatever, but I actually am hoping they find something, anything, this way some of the horrible can be explained and dealt with according.

Oddly enough, this all hit me when I was at the pharmacy picking up 2 more scripts. I need to start saving all of my medical-related receipts. Thankfully, as far as I can remember, I have been keeping them all in a general area.

God continues to bless me by allowing me the privilege of waking up each day. Though I have my aches, pains, and feelings of frustration from all I’m going through or have, I continue to be blessed by Him. He continues to love me regardless of me. Unconditionally.

And it’s a beautiful day. I can see the soft blues of the sky, fluffy clouds in whites, and even the random dark grey. Birds are chirping while playing and looking for something to snack on. School for the children is almost done for the day, and it’s been so beautiful out, combined with the medications and new doses, I was fortunate enough to fall into a state of napping in front of my laptop out on the front porch. 🙂 There was more than one nap though, which was interesting and I’m praying I didn’t nap in such unique positions which would cause me further pain.

Have you taken a moment in your most recent past, or even right now, where you just stop and be? Watch thethings happening around you. Listen to all the different sounds and even try to locate them, especially the beautiful songs of the birds. Watch as the leaves on trees sway to and fro as they’re being gently rustled by a very faint breeze.

Truly I feel, even being in a busy area, by taking just a few minutes each day to be and enjoy God’s art He created, one can truly feel begin to feel His presence and His greatness. There is so much beauty and greatness out there; just having the realization the extra special care He used when He was designing and creating us still just baffles me. Because He didn’t need to. He knew everything that was going, and has yet, to happen. He knew each time we would sin and how much it would hurt Him, yet, He still loved us so much, He continued to work on us through completion.

The unconditional love and grace He shows us; to try to imagine just how much is unfathomable. And of course, that brings up how Great and Magnificent He is which can sometimes cause us to view Him as this amazing power that is nowhere close to reach. This is the absolute furthest from the truth.

Just the mere fact of how amazing of a power He is and how He still individually breathed life into us along with offering His only Son to take OUR sins upon Himself, even those not yet committed, should help us to grasp how much He loves us.

He has given me strength to refrain from nearly all unhealthy food temptations, which is a HUGE Blessing since the prescriptions have weight gain as a side effect for most of them. 😦

I had decided a short bit ago I was tired of being tired and the effect the added weight has had on me. Little by little, I began to pay attention to my daily habits. I wasn’t drinking water as much as I needed to be, I certainly wasn’t putting healthy nutrition in my body most of the days, and had become very sedentary.

Today was my first of the longer of my short-term goals in getting active/out. I wanted to walk a bit further, actually, since I had begun to feel better, just was still dizzy and mapmyfitness app was almost not going to be able to give me a complete and proper workout reading since my battery life was on 4%. Yes, I know…but it was one of those spur of the moment things and closer to the end of the night so there was no reason (or so I thought) to charge my phone before bed.

I am drinking more water, and my nutrition has gotten much better. I have slowly worked more activity into my day to help me feel better faster. I’ve been doing mini-spurts of exercise, so while it may not seem like a lot individually, the overall has been working.

This change though, came when I chose to put God as my priority again. Am I the definition of a perfect Christian? Most definitely not. But I am always a work in progress in each and everything I do, and I will always push for my best to be given in whatever I can.

We all stumble along the way. Sometimes we get to where we feel we don’t deserve His love or forgiveness. Or perhaps we feel our sins are far too great for anyone to forgive. One of the beautiful things about Christ is He isn’t just anyone. He is Someone. Someone who loved us so much He took our sins as His, even though He was sinless, and He gave up His life so we could have eternal life with Him when The Time has Come.

Have comfort knowing that each and every little thing about you He used by careful selection in your creation, and He did so because He has plans for you.

Ask Him to help you find your way, the one He uniquely designed you for, and then follow the plan He made for you. Once that’s done, He will move mountains to help you to achieve your absolute greatest. Have faith and then believe it to be true.

You are loved beyond words can express.



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