To Script or Not

I try to avoid prescription chemical medications for many reasons, most importantly is because the affects of the side effects are worse for me than what the script is being used to treat for. I have many different health issues, which one may not guess to look at me, because most of them are ones that don’t always show externally.

And let’s not forget trying to remember following the detailed instructions in taking the script so as to avoid the side effects as much as possible, especially those rare side effects.

Which I happen to quite frequently fall into.

So, I eventually became my own personal advocate for my health and stopped lining the pharmaceuticals wallets with our hard-earned finances.

Since then I have researched a lot. I began making simple changes in my family’s nutrition. I had bloodwork done along with fasting. I abstained and slowly reintroduced options of things I was told I had allergens to. Oddly enough, most of my allergens were to healthy foods I loved!

So, I swapped out to organic and began the slow acclimation process.

But I also knew it was more than that. My size was out of control. Not even taking BMI into account, I was at that point teetering the line of morbid obesity. 4’11” and stuck at 145-150#. I saw a nutritionist, who let me know I was headed in the right direction, but I was lacking in nutrients.

I knew something that has worked in the past, so I immediately began saving up by using extra coupons, finding better deals, anything I saved from doing things like that, I put aside.

And I finally got it. Within 36-48 hours of beginning my program, I felt to be a completely different person… I was actually able to get out of bed and move within 4 hours of waking up!!!

Since then, I was able to lose over 35# and over 10 feet of fat from my body.

Then I began getting sick again. And any of my supplements or other natural and holistic weren’t helping out with some of the problems I was having. I was put on steroids, which caused me to gain 20# back, that I had kept off for over 3 years. I then had surgery, which kept me out of work and in bed. This caused me to gain an additional 10#. I was able to lose that and had finally gotten back down to less than 10# of where I was able to stay for the previous 3 years.

Unfortunately, the illness was brought on by a combination of things. Coworkers coming into work when they were contagious, improper sterilization/cleaning of shared equipement…having an already compromised immune system, it was not a healthy situation for me. What also came with this though was situations at work which became extremely stressful, causing me to acquire new illnesses…

I have faith and belief He will get me through this as He always provides for His children. If I don’t get what I think I should be, it only means He has something even better or greater in mind for me. This helps to alleviate some upset I may have because of expecting things to go my way, as if I’m God and He isn’t.

I know everything I go through in this life is for His glory. I only want to do the best I can to be the person He created me to be. I believe all the things which have happened to me in my life He has allowed because He knew it would help to strengthen me as well as He knew I would be able to not only learn, but to help others.

And that’s what it’s really about, right? At least this is something I need to be better at remembering. Sickness is as a result of the sin in the world. Everyone is dealing with something that no one knows nothing about. Be kind always. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine what their life may be like.

I’ve found, usually the ones who are more watchers than doers when it comes to interactions with others, are the ones who are struggling with some deep thoughts and possibly demons. Show a caring hand by reaching out to them. See if there’s anything you can do to help, perhaps not by asking, because chances are they fear requesting help for rejection, but by listening, by watching, by being in the moments with them. See how they live.

Now, as far as the prescriptions go, I will do my best to do as I’m told, however, I will also be doing my own research and finding other more natural ways to hopefully deal with what is going on.

In the meantime, I get to begin the mental preparation of leaving the house in the morning for a couple of hours, and being around other people…I should probably not think about it so much so as to perhaps alleviate the stress and anxiety of it.

I truly hope and pray everyone had a blessed Memorial Day and realize the true meaning behind the holiday, and it’s not for the BBQ’s…

Be blessed knowing He loves and cares about you no matter what you’ve done. You just need to ask Him back into your life and for His strength to get you there.



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