Flowing of life

I believe there are specific reasons why certain individuals and circumstances are part of our lives. Some stay, others go. But all teach us lessons, if we allow them to.


Sometimes we become so consumed within our own worlds, however big or small they may be, we then lose touch with people who once were pivotal parts of our daily life. Then something happened. Perhaps it was a job change or move. Maybe common interests or activities changed or grew. Whatever it is though, it’s usually said to keep in touch, which happens, for a while.

Then the new routine with new relationships comes from the changes and begins taking over, little by little, bit by bit, until finally you realize it’s been quite some time since you last spoke or saw those people.

So we reach out. We try. We make the effort.

And truly that’s all we can do.

Each day begins with a new dawn. A new opportunity to let someone know how much and what they mean to you. Not every hello is meant to last, nor is every good-bye meant to be forever.

Once at the crossroads of the time being further and further apart between contact and it’s realized the contact seems to be single-sided, don’t be dismayed. It is very probable God has allowed this to be because He wanted you to experience happenings in life which could happen only with those people in your life during those points of time. Instead of being sorrowful for lack of relationship, instead be grateful for the memories and any lessons they may have taught you.

Be blessed knowing He loves you so much He spends particular time and attention to the detail that is your life.



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