Practicing Patience is a Process


It’s frustrating, isn’t it? There seem to be deadlines for everyone except those making them.

I finally got my side of the paperwork mountain taken care of, I just need to wait on their responses. Some will take as little as 2 weeks while others will take as long as 90 days.

By nature I’m a fairly patient individual. At least until it comes to waiting on something I want or need.


Years ago, it was suggested to me that if there’s something I struggle with to ask God for His Help. It wasn’t mentioned to me that in answering my prayer He would test me in ways that were helping me. At that time, I needed patience, so that’s what I prayed for.

And He gave me the patience I was in need of at that time, which was dealing with my first pubescent child. And the patience I learned in that time has helped with my other children.


It seems though, each prayer for patience I have sent up, has been answered, but specific to the needs of patience at that time. In other words, my request for patience was not for an umbrella of patience. He has given me skills to be able to get through those times which may not necessarily be what I’ve been through before, but gave me the confidence in knowing things would turn out okay.

Remembering things will turn out okay or better helps me to get through other situations where being patient is a requirement.

Such as this whole filing of disability and figuring out a way to get money coming in to cover utilities…




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