And the paperwork begins

I have been out of work since the end of this past March on medical leave. Doctor’s appt’s, paperwork, telephone calls; and then the waiting.

It’s been said that most companies will almost always deny at first, provided everything has been submitted that was requested, and done so properly.

Unfortunately, in one of those packets of information, I was misinformed about which dates to put where, causing me to be denied. I think I should try to appeal the decision due to the misinformation, but I’m not too certain whether they’ll even allow it.

It stinks. I am trying to remain faithful in believing He has a bigger plan in store for me. In the interim, I am trying to think of things I enjoy that I could possibly earn money with or by doing since I haven’t had income since very early April. I’m receiving shut-off notices, late notices, the frustration of the removing the already limited luxuries would feel overwhelming were it not for knowledge of knowing He’s helping me to learn a lesson. I believe this is so He will be able to use me and my experience through this season to help another.

Please pray for me.

I have been feeling so overwhelmed, it’s not only mentally and emotionally taxing, it’s physically exhausting. It’s when I’m sleeping 16-20 hours a day I remember how sick my body truly is. Which is another thing not outwardly evident with my diseases.

Anyhow, just trying to remain positive through it all.

Now…to get back into some form of workout routine so that I can keep these endorphins going. 😀

Be Blessed.



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