Simplistic Beauty


One of my very dear friends stopped down the other morning to take me out for a few hours. It was pleasantly unexpected and was a really good time. When I say good, I mean everything felt just as it should within the world. It was a gorgeous day, there were no real plans, it was an anything goes kind of visit.

So we went. I have been living back in Massachusetts since fall of 1997. Prior to that I had lived in VT since late summer 1989. There is much to say between the two different states, lifestyles, all of it. In Vermont, most of the beauty is right out the window and it costs nothing to be captivated by it. That’s not to say Massachusetts doesn’t have it’s own little nooks of wonder and enjoyment, just that they’re not as easily accessible as walking out your door.

We went to Magic Wings Conservatory. It’s basically a warehouse type building, done up, where a large portion of the building is filled with plants, trees, and all the beautiful butterflies you could envision.

This trip was definitely what was needed. It’s been quite difficult lately for me to be able to stand for any length of time and walking small distances completely exhausts me. It completely helped that my friend wasn’t rushing me either. They were there for me, to see that I was okay and to get me out of the house. Taking me to such a beautiful place I’ve never been before and allowing me to just sit, chat, and take it all, in has done wonders for my soul.

And you know, for the majority of the time we spent together that day, which was about 5-6 hours, I almost completely forgot about the disease of MS hovering over my head. That was definitely a highlight of the day for certain, since it has been reminding me of it’s presence for more time than preferable.

It’s nice sometimes to just be able to hop in your vehicle and just go. No real plans, no real obligations.

Just being able to not adult for a day. It’s truly an amazing thing. šŸ˜€

Be blessed.





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