This room has its own little quirks. A 1930’s Colonial not far from a small river and train depot, which means yes, the ground is going to settle. I don’t think there is one 90 degree area within the walls. There are windows not within ratio to wall space and off centered. It’s quaint, it’s quirky, and it’s charming, and I am so very blessed by it.

Those off center windows awoke me with memories of blessings this morning. Rays of a beautiful, golden sunrise came peaking through the slats of the blinds until I could then see the entire sky beginning to light up from it and with its own colors. Birds were beginning their early morning hello’s on their way to get food for their families while early risers were beginning their Thursday routine.

It felt like scenes from an older movie, from more simpler timers. All of this allowed me to awake with gratitude in my heart.

And while it did allow me both gratitude and blessings from simplicity, it also allowed me to be grateful for some technology of today. Such as the heating pad I had immediately positioned and turned to the Lo setting to help my lower back. Had I been in 1930’s-1950’s, I wouldn’t have been able to make it downstairs to do the necessary steps it would take to receive the relief I can begin to feel at the touch of a button today.

So once I’m all situated, I opened my Bible app checked out the verse of the day and then opened my “As It Happened” Bible in 365 days devotion and had it playing off my phone, next to my bed. I believe this is key to starting my day with the right heart, regardless of how my body is feeling.

I received some news recently that had an impact on me. When I first heard it, my heart was anything but happy. I truly had to work through it, and it was mentally exhausting. When subjects arose around the recent news, I was very thankful I did have my daily time only shortly before because it allowed me to put the season of life I’m in right now into a better and more right perspective.

He doesn’t call the qualified;

He qualifies the called.

Since I have been removing toxicity, chaos, disorder, and clutter, my mind has been a freer and clearer place – outside the MS haze anyhow. I’m better able to see His path for my life. I can sometimes spot why some things happened the way they did.

I don’t know how today is going to go, though. I’m drained, maybe it’s because of rising with the sun, which was so beautiful, or maybe it’s my body telling me I need to rest for later.

Until next time, I will rest. I have worked on some of the tasks I had for myself for today, so I do have some sense of completion. Which usually helps offer some relief.

~ J


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